Structure, layout and technical requirements of the orchestra


Adalberto Álvarez y su So is a band directer by Adalberto Álvarez. It is integrated for four main voces, one bass, one Tres and a bass. The percution is integrated by drums, congas and bongo. It also has a güiro and two trompets, two trombons and a saxophone.



  • Piano

    The piano is played by Dorgeris del Loreto Álvarez Balart.

  • Drums

    Drums is played by Luis Orlando Alvarez Artola

  • Bass

    Bass is played by Yoinel Lombida Hernández

  • Congas / Bongó

    Congas is played by Yunier Pons González congas and bongó is played by Abel Gutiérrez Soto

  • Trumpet

    Trumpets are payed by Darian Perdomo Valdés and Alejandro Morejón Francisco

  • Trombon

    Trombons are played by Obrayan Lázaro Calderón Sánchez and Jorge Oliva González

  • Tres

    Tres is played by Yan Hernández Moreno.

  • Voices

    Main voices of the band are Michel González Poli, Jusvier Iznaga Walter, Ramón Álvarez Martinez and Jennifer Álvarez Espinosa